Heat and high altitude will exacerbate the effect of alcohol (or any form of psychoactive substance, even coffee). Impaired judgment and loss of consciousness can result. Because of this, we strongly discourage the consumption of alcohol before or during activities at the Waves. If you do bring glass containers, please inform us upon check-in so that we can provide a bottle caddy and/or non-breakable cups. Glass, hard floors, and bare feet are a bad combination.

Spa - We ask guests to guarantee all reservations with a credit card. This card will not be charged unless you cancel or change without giving us adequate notice. For baths and treatments, we require 24 hours notice to cancel or change without a penalty.

Lodging :

  • Cancellations 8 or more days prior to the reservation will not be charged.
  • Cancellations or changes 2-7 days prior will be charged for the first night. 
  • Cancellations or changes after 4pm on the day before check in will be charged for the entire stay. 
  • Those who can provide proof of a positive COVID test are exempt from cancellation fees. The positive test may be for one of your party, a household member, or someone you work closely with that requires your absence from work.


At Ten Thousand Waves, we are inclusive, not exclusive. We welcome well-behaved children in our lodging rooms and baths.  There is no charge for children under 4 feet in any private tub (2 kids maximum per adult). Anyone under the age of 18 must have the permission of an adult to use our facilities.  


Our great Japanese restaurant izanami is open from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm every day except Monday. Drinks, but not food, may be taken into hot tub areas. Consumption of alcohol before or during bathing is not advised.

Hot water and sudden temperature changes can be stressful to your body. If you are pregnant or have chronic health problems, always consult your health care provider before bathing. Pleae click here to learn more about the safety of our hot tubs. If you have recently been exposed to COVID or come from a region where the infection rate is high, we would suggest waiting 14 days before visiting.

Here, as in Japan, we ask you to take a shower prior to entering the baths or treatments. This maintains the quality of our water, makes treatments a good experience for guest and therapist, and allows you to rinse off the cares of your everyday life before your experience at the Waves.

You should bring:

  • Yourself--ready for relaxation
  • Your own facemask

We provide, at no charge:

  • Kimono and sandals (if receiving both tub and massage)
  • Towels
  • Shower gel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Lotion

We use a state-of-the-art purification system for all baths, utilizing ultraviolet light, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone. Chlorine is not used in any bath. The entire water content of each tub passes through the sanitation system every twenty minutes. We perform bacterial cultures weekly on all tubs to ensure that all systems work properly. Often the result is drinking water quality. See 'Keeping Our Water Clean' for a description of what we do to assure absolutely clean and sanitary conditions.The source of the highly mineralized water used in the baths is a 900-foot deep well.

Pets are always welcome in lodging and private tubsAt Ten Thousand Waves, we are inclusive, not exclusive. All lodging rooms are pet-friendly. Please advise us at the time of reservation if you will be bringing a pet. We provide dog beds and food/water bowls. Some rooms have dog-proof courtyards (unless he's a champion jumper)[see 'amenities' on the lodging page for a list of those rooms]. If you leave your pets unattended in the rooms, you will be financially responsible for any damage or disturbance to other guests from a barking dog. Please do not leave your pet unattended. There is a $40 room charge per night for one or more pets.

Pets are allowed in private baths at the spa.

There is plenty of parking at street level, and limited additional parking at the spa level, approximately 60 vertical feet higher. Those with physical limitations should consider the upper lot. The walk from the lower lot, however, is very pleasant and provides a good transition from your busy day to the tranquility of Ten Thousand Waves. Passengers may be dropped off at the entrance to izanami or the spa. There are two accessible spots very close to the spa front door. We have a shuttle service from the lower parking lot. Look for the call boxes to summon the van.


All baths are clothing optional. Please feel free, however, to wear suits in any of the facilities (Rentals available at the front desk for $4.00, tax included 

Therapeutic Massage is done without clothing. Our therapists are specially trained to drape discreetly with sheets and towels. Shiatsu massage and Ashi Anma Foot massage are done wearing loose clothing. These treatments may be a better option for the modest.

A number of our massage rooms, baths, and lodging rooms can accommodate individuals with mobility issues or disabilities. There is a shuttle service from the main parking lot to the spa--call button is located at the bottom of the footpath in the main lot. Unloading and loading of guests may be done in front of the main entrance to the spa, adjacent to which are handicap parking spaces. 

The spa has 3 levels. An elevator is available if stairs are a challenge

Please mention special needs when making your reservations.

Reservations for baths, massage, and spa treatments

Please call (505) 982-9304. Although you can often get last-minute reservations, we recommend giving us some lead time during peak periods and weekends. Please have your credit card on hand to guarantee your reservation.

To assure that you are scheduled for the times and services you want, WE DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS VIA EMAIL.

Reservations for lodging

To make a reservation call (505) 982-9304.

Although you can often get last-minute reservations, we recommend some lead time during peak periods and weekends for lodging reservations. Please have your credit card on hand to secure your reservation.

Your reservations are not confirmed until you have received an e-mail from us containing your confirmation number.

Reservations for izanami

There is limited seating in our outdoor patios. Please call 505-428-6904 for reservations or go to izanamitakeout for curbside pickup or in-town delivery.



Spa - Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your first spa reservation.

Lodging - Check-in any time after 4:00 pm. We will call you before your arrival to offer you a  contactless check-in. We are also available from 4:00pm-7:00pm in the spa lobby if you need to check in in-person. There is no early check-in or late check-out due to increased time required for cleaning. You can reach us by phone at 505-982-9304 or by email at lodging@tenthousandwaves.com

Instructions for late check-in will be included in your confirmation letter. Your checkout packet will be emailed to you the evening before your departure date. All payments will be posted by end of business day on your departure date. If you would like to check out with a human, please arrange in advance.

The Japanese love bathing and we love Japanese bathing so much that we take a few guests to the great hidden hot springs of Japan several times a year. These are tours for people who don't do tours. Details

There is only spotty cell reception at Ten Thousand Waves. It's a blessing for those seeking to escape the tethers of technology!

But it can be worrisome for those who need to be connected. We do provide free wi-fi in all lodging rooms and at izanami. You are also welcome to use our land lines to call out or receive emergency calls.