Waribiki Rewards Club

New! Until April 30, residents of New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona are eligible for great savings with a Waribiki Rewards Club card.

Receive a 20% discount for you and your guests after 5 pm on private tubs, massage, and spa services.

Receive the local rate of $25 per person all day for you and your guests in communal tubs

The fine print:

  • There is no charge for the card
  • You can only obtain the card by physically coming up to the spa with your valid driver's license from one of the above states.
  • The only I.D. that we accept is a current driver's license
  • It is not valid on the day you receive your Rewards Card (unless you trade in an existing Waribiki card)
  • It is valid every day of the year for the local rate in communal tubs
  • It is not valid on the following days for private tubs, massage, and spa services: 5/8-10, 5/22-25, 7/2-6, 9/4-7, 10/9-12, 11//20-29, 12/18-1/9/2021
  • It cannot be used in combination with other discounts
  • You must present your Rewards Card and your driver's license each time you receive the discount

Don't throw away your card from previous years. You may trade it in for the 2020 card with no lapse in coverage.