Price List Summary  

as of February 1, 2020

Complimentary use of the communal or women's hot tub with any massage or treatment totaling 50 minutes or longer

These rates do not include taxes.

Hot Tubs

Communal or Women's Hot Tub

$37.34 (unlimited time)

Private Spa Suites $80 per person (90 minutes)
Premium Private Hot Tubs $50 per person (55 minutes)
$70 per person (85 minutes)




Therapeutic Massage $120 (50 minutes)
$170 (80 minutes)
CBD Massage  new! $145 (50 minutes
$195  (80 minutes)
Prenatal Massage

$120 (50 minutes)
$170 (80 minutes)

Japanese Shiatsu Massage $130 (50 minutes)
$190 (80 minutes)
Deep Stone Massage $185 (80 minutes)
Thai Massage $185 (80 minutes)
Four Hands Massage $205 (50 minutes)
Deluxe Four Hands Massage $305 (80 minutes)

Spa Treatments

Ashi Anma Foot Treatment* $65 (25 minutes)
Complete Ashi Anma Foot Treatment $95 (40 minutes)
Yasuragi Head & Neck Treatment* $65 (25 minutes)
Salt Glow* $65 (25 minutes)
Deluxe Herbal Wrap* $80 (25 minutes + 15 minutes sauna)
Nose to Toes $180 (80 minutes)
* We suggest that you combine each 25-minute treatment with at least one other treatment when making advance reservations, or add a private hot tub or suite. A single 25 minute treatment feels like a tease. Plan to spend a little more of your day with us and you'll leave a much happier human.

Skin Care

Atoxelene Oxygen Treatment $90 (25 minutes)
Complete Oxygen Facial $155 (50 minutes)
Ultimate Atoxelene Oxygen Facial $200 (80 minutes)
Metamorphosilk Facial Massage  $130 (40 minutes)
Japanese Organic Massage Facial $135 (50 minutes)
Deluxe Japanese Organic Massage Facial $180 (80 minutes)
Metamorphosilk Add-on to a Japanese Facial

$80 (15 minutes)


Packages & Specials

For the complete spa experience, we suggest combining several treatments. Please click Packages & Specials,  As an added bonus, you will save money on multiple treatments.


Houses of the Moon Lodging

Prices are for single or double occupancy per night. Prices are subject to change.

Zen rooms

new moon, yado, spring moon


Townsman class 

rising moon, blue moon, luna, half moon, hangetsu, sailor moon, suigetsu


Emperor's Court

full moon, high moon, bessou,  moonlet

Additional Guests $40 each per night
Pets $40 per night for one or more