Price List Summary  

as of March 1, 2021.  These rates do not include taxes.

Hot Tubs

Private Spa Suites $74  per person (90 minutes)


Therapeutic Massage $209 (80 minutes)
Cannabliss Massage  $219 (80 minutes)
Japanese Shiatsu Massage $229 (80 minutes)
Deep Stone Massage $229 (80 minutes)

Bliss Your Feet
Cannabliss Massage + Ashi Anma Foot Treatment 

$219 (80 minutes)

Skin Care

Deluxe Japanese Organic Massage Facial $229 (80 minutes)
Ultimate Oxygen Facial $249 (80 minutes)

unlimited time in the Grand Bath is included with all massage, spa treatments, and facials

Spa Treatments

Nose to Toes $219  per person (80 minutes)
Ashi Anma Foot Treatment  included in Treat Your Feet/Bliss Your Feet

Houses of the Moon Lodging

Zen class
new moon, yado, rising moon, blue moon
starting at $370 
Townsman class
luna, half moon, hangetsu, sailor moon
starting at $400
Samurai class
suigetsu, high moon, spring moon, full moon
starting at $430
Emperor class
chogetsu, gemini moon, bessou, moonlet
starting at $460

Prices are for single or double occupancy per night.

Additional Guests $60 each per night

Pet fee $40 per night