• All treatments are done in spacious rooms with natural light, HEPA filtration, and good ventilation
  • Private shower and changing areas provided with each massage
  • All massages include unlimited time in the Grand Bath
  • We train all of our therapists in tradecraft and ethics (everything about massage not taught in school) and offer continuing education to our therapists in proprietary treatments not available at any other spa
  • All therapists have:
    • At least 650 hours of training in an accredited massage school.
    • Membership in a professional massage organization. 

Related Info

Massage Therapy

Massage and spa services are only available to those completely vaccinated for COVID

  • the ONLY proof we accept is a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card 
    • for Moderna and Pfizer, card must indicate two doses, the last one having been administered at least 14 days prior to massage
    • for Johnson & Johnson a single dose having been administered at least 14 days prior to massage is required
    • no other type of vaccine is accepted at this time
    • you must bring your card with you or bring a facsimile at time of massage--cancellation fees apply if you forget
    • please present a driver's license or government ID corresponding to the name on your vaccine card  

Massage in the time of COVID  Because safety for staff and guest is paramount, we maintain the following protocols: 

  • Sanitation: We allow extra time between massages to sanitize all surfaces.  
  • Ventilation: We monitor every massage room with carbon dioxide meters to assure that there is adequate replacement fresh air
  • Masks: Both you and your massage therapist are required to wear masks during your treatment
  • Filtration: Every massage room has a HEPA filter capable of filtering 99% of all aerosol particles sized 1 micron and larger. The average COVID aerosol is 3 microns 
  • Staff COVID testing: our staff regularly receives PCR COVID testing

We offer you just a few distinct choices honed to achieve results:

Therapeutic Massage

Long, slow strokes with oil--Swedish-type massage combined with other modalities. Pressure can be adjusted to your needs. Add CBD oil to enhance the benefits.

Japanese Shiatsu

Innovative rhythmic massage similar to what you would receive in Japan. This is not just a great relaxing massage, but addresses underlying issues. Ideal for specific problem areas. Can be very deep.

Treat Your Feet

A combination of Therapeutic Massage with Ashi Anma Foot Massage 

Both therapist and guest are required to wear a mask during the treatments--we supply comfortable masking for the face-down part of the massage.