• All massage rooms are spacious, with natural light
  • Most massage is offered in both single and double rooms
  • Our own certified massage school trains all of our therapists in tradecraft and ethics (everything about massage not taught in school) and offers continuing education in cutting-edge modalities
  • All therapists have:
    • At least 650 hours of training in an AMTA accredited massage school.
    • Membership in a professional massage organization.

Related Info


We don't have a Chinese menu of massage options (we are a Japanese spa, after all), but offer you just a few distinct choices honed to achieve results.  We offer three basic categories of massage:


Therapeutic Massage

Long, slow stokes with oil--Swedish-type massage combined with other modalities. Pressure can be adjusted to your needs.


Japanese Shiatsu

Rhythmic pressure point massage along the meridians. This is not just a great relaxing massage, but addresses underlying issues. Ideal for specific problem areas. Can be very deep.


Specialty Massage

Longer treatments designed for specific results.