Hot Tub Suites

We have modeled our bathing experience after the great hot spring onsen of Japan. Each of our bathing environments is totally self-contained with a hot tub, sauna, and your own private changing room and shower. Some suites have cooling berths with mattresses. There is time between each session for a thorough cleaning and to assure that the entire volume of water in the hot tub and cold plunge has gone through a filtration/sanitation cycle.

Reserved Community Soaking has replaced the Communal and Womens' Tubs of the past. Limited to a maximum of ten people during two 90-minute periods each Monday - Thursday, this provides a much more relaxed, uncrowded, and meditative feeling throughout the entire spa while still offering an opportunity for short-notice communal bathing.

Group discount  saves up to 35% for your party of six or more.

Children under four feet tall may use spa suites at no charge when accompanied by an adult (2 kids maximum per adult). 

Reservations for hot tubs are required. We presently schedule private tubs up to 45 days in advance for the general public, 60 days in advance for lodging guests. Reserved Community Soaking can only be reserved 72 hours prior or less.

The online schedule indicates real time availability. Hint: Click on 'any available tub' to see next opening. Refresh your browser several times per day and you will see cancellations as soon as they appear.

Temperature of the hot tub water is maintained at 104-106 degrees F., cold plunges are around 55 degrees F., saunas average 180 degrees F. We can reduce the temperature in Shoji to 99 degrees.


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