The Grand Bath

Our Grand Bath is for both men and women. It's the closest thing to a real Japanese onsen on the North American continent. Bathing suit bottoms are required at all times. Reservations not necessary. Weekends, holidays, and summer can be busy. We never allow more guests than tub capacity, but communal tubs will be most peaceful before noon or after 8 pm.

Children are welcome but:

  • all children are full price in communal hot tubs
  • no children in diapers or of diaper age in communal hot tubs
  • no charge for children under 4 feet in any private tub (2 kids maximum per adult)  
  • during busy times (generally weekends and holidays--call to confirm) Shin Kobuta will be reserved as a communal tub for adults only (no children under 4 feet allowed)

If you prefer to bathe without a suit, we suggest a private bath or the women's communal tub.


  • Giant outdoor tile hot tub (105-107 degrees F.)
  • Large wet/dry sauna (175-185 degrees F.)
  • Expansive sunning decks
  • Cold plunge 55-60 degrees F. 
  • Cold shower
  • Strong jets


Spa opening until spa closing - see hours for schedule.


$37.34 per person/unlimited time*
*save $15 per person with the Waribiki Rewards Card

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