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Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is as important as eating right and brushing your teeth—you’ll stay healthy and look great. During each facial your esthetician will recommend a home skin care regimen that will support the work done in the treatment.

Utilizing the latest developments in skin care, we have found the best products and techniques to deliver an experience that will feel amazing AND produce real results.


  • All facials include unlimited time in the Grand Bath
  • All treatments are done in spacious rooms with natural light, HEPA filtration, and good ventilation
  • Private shower and changing areas provided with each massage

 Bodywork in the time of COVID  Because safety for staff and guest is paramount, we maintain the following protocols: 

  • Masks: Therapists will wear a mask in treatment rooms upon request
  • Sanitation: We sanitize all surfaces between treatment sessions
  • Ventilation: We monitor every massage room with carbon dioxide meters to assure that there is adequate replacement fresh air
  • Filtration: Every massage room has a HEPA filter capable of filtering 99% of all aerosol particles sized 1 micron and larger. The average COVID aerosol is 3 microns 
  • Staff COVID testing: any staff member who has not received at least three doses of an approved vaccine is tested weekly with a PCR COVID test

We presently schedule massage and facials up to 45 days in advance. Call 505-982-9304 for reservations.