About izanami

izanami is an izakaya serving upscale japanese bar food. Small plates meant for sharing, creatively prepared locally-sourced meat and produce with an emphasis on seasonality, all accompanied by unique libations.

Don't expect the usual. There is no soggy tempura, no cloyingly sweet teriyaki chicken, and none of the questionable hot sake that has convinced many that they don't like sake. We are extremely selective about our purveyors and only order enough seafood and organic produce to get us through the day.

Most of our beef is wagyu. It's possibly the most delicious meat you will ever eat. Click this link to learn everything you need to know about wagyu.

We have the best selection of artisanal microbrew cold sake found anywhere in North America, an amazing cocktail menu featuring Japanese spirits, an extensive menu of Japanese Whisky, craft beer from Japan, green teas from shizuoka, and a wide variety of non-caffeinated and zero proof libations.

There are a number of dining options: booths, table seating, sake/sushi bar, traditional tatami floor seating, and a cozy outdoor pavilion that's open year-round.