Ten Thousand Waves is inspired by the great Japanese mountain hot spring resorts. Everything we do has been constantly and thoughtfully refined over the last 40 years. We're ten minutes from downtown Santa Fe, but only minutes from the National Forest. There is nothing quite like this on the North American continent. We offer private hot tub suites, massage, indoor and patio dining from izanami, and serene lodging at our inn.

We are now offering Transformation--a reset of the nervous system in a totally supportive environment.     

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 no more hate

Over the last year, we have been alarmed at the unsettling increase in violence against those who are not white, male, or cisgender. We've seen chronic anti-Asian violence, weekly murders of unarmed Black people, mass shootings that strike without warning, and the normalization of white supremacist organizations. This has made clear the very real consequences of bigotry and racist rhetoric. It has to stop.

As a Japanese-inspired resort in the American Southwest, we've lived at the intersection of Asian aesthetics, Native diversity, Mexican tradition, and American culture in all its messy glory. Ten Thousand Waves has never been an “exclusive” institution. We are dedicated to inclusivity in our hiring practices, our community support, and the universal welcome we offer to all.

So what can we do? Recognizing we have a large following of humans in all walks of life, we commit to using our platform to condemn racism, bigotry, sexism, systemic police brutality, and social violence in all its forms. We refuse to be complicit. We refuse to be silent. The Waves family will continue to speak up when justice is not served. We will gladly lose a few customers who find our stance offensive.

We encourage you as members of our Waves family to stand with us and to promote much-needed change through your own actions and support. Doing the right thing is not always easy. But we own these values because they are right and true. Regardless of the implications, we are resolute in our beliefs. We cannot let bigots, racists and white supremacists win. It's on ALL of us to take a stand against hate.


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