Signature Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Our signature treatment uses rhythmic pressure to move muscles and connective tissue to disperse tension and pain. It improves energy, blood flow and function of every organ in the body. There is a 50 minute specific, full-body sequence (kata) designed to unlock areas of tension.

  • the 80 minute treatment includes a full-body kata plus time to focus on specific areas.


  • Unlimited time in the Grand Bath is included
  • Ten Thousand Waves is one of the only spas in the US to offer shiatsu as it is done in Japan
  • Shiatsu is more than a great relaxing massage--it addresses underlying issues and physical problems
  • It is the most effective deep work we can provide, but can also be gentle and relaxing
  • It approaches muscles and attachments in three dimensions
  • It is done wearing loose-fitting clothing and no oil--we provide a comfortable t-shirt and sweatpants
    •  this allows for better manipulation of muscle attachments and freedom of movement not available in an unclothed massage
    • good for those uncomfortable with unclothed massage


80 minutes  $239

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