Wagyu—the Best Beef You’ll Ever Eat

Wagyu (和牛 wa=Japanese, gyu=cow) were originally draft animals used in Japanese agriculture. They were bred for physical endurance, creating more intra-muscular fat (marbling) to provide a readily available energy source. After Japan opened to the West, (in 1868) a variety of imported breeds were crossed with the native wagyu. The result is a unique breed of cattle producing the most unctuous and delicious beef in the world.

Kobe is but one of many types of wagyu, with proponents of each type touting their own specific virtues. Wagyu’s secret is in the marbling. This is meat that literally melts in your mouth. It’s actually healthier than Western beef because the ratio of mono-unsaturated to saturated fat is extremely high. In addition, forty percent of the fat is stearic acid, which has a minimal effect on raising cholesterol. Wagyu also has the highest amount of linoleic acid of any food. Conjugated linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the body build muscle rather than store fat.

A loin of A5 Miyazaki
A loin of A5 Miyazaki

We serve our A5 Miyazaki wagyu nightly as ishiyaki—thin medallions of strip loin you cook yourself on a 600 degree hot stone. Choose from pure Miyazaki A5, Morgan Ranch strip loin, or half-and-half—so you can judge the winner of the wagyu war for yourself!

Ishiyaki at izanami
ishiyaki at izanami: hot rock (top-left), Morgan Ranch wagyu (bottom-left) & Miyazaki wagyu (bottom-right)

Morgan RanchFor years izanami has sourced American wagyu from Morgan Ranch in Nebraska. They have been the foremost purveyor of wagyu in the US since 1992, using no hormones, steroids, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

Two new developments at izanami should bring joy to carnivores:

  1. For the amitious we offer the giant Morgan Ranch wagyu tomahawk steak. This is not for the faint of heart—32 ounces of amazing wagyu ribeye attached to a giant rib. Bring a group—and your appetites!
  2. Even though Morgan Ranch produces the most amazing beef in America, nothing can match authentic Japanese wagyu. We now import A5 -- the highest grade -- direct from Miyazaki. Some consider it to be the absolute best wagyu in the world.

Morgan Ranch Wagyu Tomahawk
Morgan Ranch Wagyu Tomahawk


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Each loin is authenticated. Your cow’s birth certificate is brought to your table. For an experience you won’t find many places outside Japan, come to izanami for wagyu tonight.

Cow's birth certificate
Your cow's birth certificate--circled is his name, bottom left is his nose print