Japanese Organic Massage Facial

Traditional Japanese facial massage is incorporated into every step of the treatment. From cleansing and exfoliation to masque and moisturizing, you receive a real massage, not just application of product.

The skin is lifted, tension is released, blood flow is increased, and toxins in the neck and face are removed by means of light fast strokes, kneading, and percussive techniques.

This energizing, yet deeply relaxing facial is combined with DNA Health Institute organic skincare products to hydrate and heal the skin. It is unique to Ten Thousand Waves and feels different from any facial you have received before. This treatment is available for prenatal guests.

Japanese Organic Massage Facial includes:

  • thorough cleansing and exfoliation
  • neck and shoulder massage to improve blood flow
  • Japanese facial massage to focus on creating lift and stimulating lymph drainage
  • exfoliation for brightening and lightening
  • extractions if needed
  • moisturizer to leave the skin toned and glowing with health
  • 100% organic, natural, chemical and preservative free products
  • an extended Japanese facial massage for wrinkle reduction and deep muscle release
  • a customized serum and masque
  • cooling jade stone rollers to detoxify and balance


Japanese Organic Massage Facial  $169 (50 minutes)  new length

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