Restaurant Week

Feb 18-25 Dinner Only, $35 per person

Omakase Dinner 3 Courses, one from each catagory:



beet salad
roasted beet + goat cheese tempura + walnut crumbs + pomegranate vinaigrette +pickled fennel +water cress + frisee

grilled avocado
tamari + lemon + nori sea salt + fresh wasabi

mixed vegetable tempura
lotus + shiitake + red bell pepper + onion + yuzu ponzu + daikon oroshi

brussels sprouts
crispy brussels sprouts + crispy pork belly + yuzu juice, parmesan cheese + candied pecans

sashimi of the night
fish + yuzu ponzu + sweet soy + fresh wasabi + pickled ginger



wagyu steak
bavette steak + sake braised kale & shimeji mushrooms + satsuma imo chips + fresh wasabi butter

vegetarian doria
Japanese style creamy rice + winter vegetables + garlic bread crumbs

fish of the day
ask your server about  fish of the day

smoked pork ribs
sweet chile glaze + ginger pineapple red cabbage slaw +  parsley peanut sauce

meat and vegetables on skewers grilled over mesquite / japanese bincho charcoal flame



coconut panna cotta
mango & pineapple coulis + toasted coconut  + berries

sorbet sampler
tasting of three flavors


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