40 Days of Sake

Each week from January 18 through March 14 there will be two featured sakes – one hot and one cold. Click here to see the list.

Most premium sake can be enjoyed cold, but a little heat can coax beguiling hidden aromas and flavors from certain styles of sake. Although heating rarely brings out the best in delicate floral and fruity varieties, sturdier brews with higher levels of acidity and amino acids – such as kimoto (生酛) and yamahai (山廃) styles – lend themselves to warming. Dry styles such as honjōzō (本醸造) and many junmai (純米) can be exceedingly pleasant if served piping hot, at around 125 degrees F (also known as atsukan). Come to izanami to appreciate the flavor explosion of premium full-bodied atsukan.

In week 2, Fragrant Jewel is the featured sake in both the hot and cold category. In fact, if you order a bottle of the hot sake of the week, we'd suggest also ordering a glass of the same sake cold to see the amazing difference that temperature makes.

Receive stamps for the sakes of the week or any previous sakes of the week. Ask your server!

Peruse our sake menu here. Those that are especially good served hot are indicated by the symbol ♨.  And drinking atsukan goes a long way to warm up your outdoor dining experience!

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enjoy your sake in our cozy outdoor pavilion

Earn five stamps in your "Travel the Waves" passport when you:

  • Purchase a bottle of the sake of the week at izanami 

  • Take a virtual sake class (see lower left of this page)

Collect stamps in your passport and trade it in for awesome rewards (see below)


Virtual Sake Seminars

If you've always wanted to learn more about the amazing breadth and depth of the world of sake, we now offer online seminars taught by our sake sommeliers. In a one-hour zoom seminar you'll learn:

  • how to choose and drink premium sake
  • how sake is made
  • milling rate and how it affects taste (junmai, ginjo, daiginjo, etc.)
  • filtered vs. unfiltered
  • pasteurized vs. unpasteurized
  • your questions answered

Classes are tailored to your level of knowledge, from novice to connoisseur. You'll purchase one or more bottles before class and taste it in real time.

Cost: $50 for instruction, plus cost of the sake. 100% of tips go to your sommelier.

Interested? Contact us


the fine print: 

  • there will be a hot sake and a cold sake featured each week. see the list here.
  • earn 5 stamps in your passport for the purchase of a featured sake 
  • you may choose from the featured sakes of the calendar week you dine, or from any previous week
  • you earn stamps for every bottle purchased
  • you're welcome to take any bottle home if you don't finish it with your meal. premium sake holds its quality in the fridge for up to a month.
  • earn points only for bottles you enjoy while dining outdoors with us in our cozy pavilion, east patio, or waterfall tables.