Ofuro is the ultimate luxury bathing experience. You sit on the bottom of the bath with water up to your neck. A roof protects you; but there are views across the valley from the open balcony. A sauna and a cooling berth with mattress are adjacent.

Sit-down showers at the bath area complete the Japanese feeling. There's a private heated changing room with sink, shower, Toto Washlet toilet, and baskets for your clothes.

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  • Nine foot by four foot slate Japanese soaking tub (104-106 degrees F.)
  • Wet/dry sauna (175-185 degrees F.)
  • Cooling berth with mattress
  • Full handicap access
  • Private shower, sink, toilet, hairdryer in a separate heated room
  • Sit-down showers with stools and buckets--like an authentic Japanese bathhouse!
  • Maximum capacity 4


90 minutes  $82.00   per person