Ten Thousand Travels

Over the years, we’ve visited hundreds of Japanese spas and have seen more of Japan than most native Japanese.

Ten Thousand Waves has been leading tours to the great hot springs of Japan for years. Our trips are not for everyone. They are to other tours as the Waves is to other spas. Don’t expect us to lead you by the hand every minute of the day to the same tourist-overrun hotspots. Don’t expect five-star accommodations that look and feel like every other five-star accommodation in the world. Don’t expect the usual band of entitled retirees making unreasonable demands.

Groups are limited to 18 or less, and the focus is on hot water, great food, and adventures not usually available to those without a familiarity with the language or friends who live there. We can arrange trip extensions to Tokyo or Kyoto before or after your Waves trip. 

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If the itinerary above piques your interest, send an email to deborah@tenthousandwaves.com.