History and Philosophy

The tradition of bathing in hot water goes back millennia due to the abundance of thermal waters in Japan. The Japanese learned early on about the powerful healing and release gained by sitting in hot water surrounded by the beauty of nature. Ten Thousand Waves has taken this model and transplanted it to New Mexico, where nature looks very different but is no less beautiful.  We offer a unique 'Japanese-adobe' esthetic, combining the traditional with state-of-the-art technology.

Our humble beginning was a small bathhouse, eight outdoor hot tubs, and one massage room back in 1981. The emphasis has always been on the salutary effects of hot water. The Japanese bath tradition is mostly about winding down from the day, meeting friends, taking time off with the family, and relaxing. The health benefits are bonuses. Everything is provided at a traditional Japanese inn--including amazing food and lodging.

Our beautiful izanami restaurant serves izakaya-style small plates with exceptional sake in a casual atmosphere. Fourteen lodging rooms, each one unique, complete the sense of remove from the real world. As in Japan, wearing yukata (casual kimono) around the property and to the restaurant is part of the experience. Often guests store their street clothes when they arrive, and never put them on again until they leave days later.