An authentic Japanese indoor/outdoor bathing environment. There is a Japanese garden containing two hand-thrown ceramic tubs and a cooling berth. In separate rooms are a sauna, seated showers, and the ultimate toilet. The shower is unique part of the Japanese bathing ritual. For the ultimate peaceful experience, there are no jets in the soaking tubs.


  • Completely self-contained bathing environment
  • Two giant ceramic teacups in a Japanese garden--soaking tubs with no jets, similar to the baths in Japan. (104-106 degrees F.)
  • Wet/dry sauna (175-185 degrees F.)
  • Changing area with Japanese-style seated or American-style standing showers. The seated shower becomes a relaxing part of the ritual.
  • Granite vanity with mirrors, a hair dryer, and wicker baskets for your clothes
  • A cooling berth in the garden next to the baths
  • A separate room with an amazing Japanese toilet that does almost everything for you!
  • Maximum capacity 4


90 minutes  $79.00   per person
extra guests $49.00   per person

'I met and married a Japanese man and it has become a special place for us. Ichiban reminds me of the traditional baths I experienced in Japan.'

'Ichiban decor was beautiful; we are now thinking how we can install a Japanese style shower and teacup tubs in our house!'