Reserved Community Soaking

The pandemic forced us to abandon our Communal Tubs. Upon reopening, we found that without hundreds of communal guests, our spa had returned to our original vision -- quiet relaxation in beautiful surroundings. We're now experimenting with a way to bring back some of the sense of community and afordablility we had lost -- without the crowding.

NEW Now offering Reserved Community Soaking, featuring Shin Kobuta, a large sloping hot tub with radiant mass sauna and cold plunge. It will be available Monday through Thursdays only at 7:30 pm, excluding holiday times, and can be only be booked up to 72 hours in advance.

It's an affordable option to enjoy our baths at short notice. Reservations and swimsuits are required, no walk-ins. Up to 10 guests may be in the area each evening. 

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  • 14 ft. x 14 ft. outdoor soaking pool
  • underwater bench and sloping bottom
  • awesome radiant gas heat monolithic sauna (165-175 degrees F.)
  • 4 foot deep private cold plunge 50-55 degrees F. 
  • strong jets


90 minues    $58 per person

save even more -- waribiki and Santa Fe waribiki discounts apply!
pre-covid punch cards not valid