The Spa in the Covid era 

Ten Thousand Waves is committed to keeping everyone safe— guests and staff alike--by going beyond the latest guidelines given to us by our Governor and the CDC. We offer the same wonderful facilities and service as before the Covid era, but there are a few major changes: 

  • All lodging, hot tubs, massage services, and dinner reservations are by appointment only; we cannot accommodate those without a reservation. 
  • Reservation phone lines are open 9am to 4pm daily for spa and 4:00 pm to 8:45 pm daily for izanami dining—call 505- 982-9304. Dining reservations can also be made online.
  • There is presently a directive from our Governor that all visitors from outside New Mexico must quarantine for 14 days. Click here to view the most recent directive.

For all out-of-state guests:

  • You may quarantine in our lodgings. This means:
    • Limit your contact with others while in New Mexico 
    • Wear a face mask when interacting with others
    • Maintain social distance of 6 feet or more 
  • We can offer you:

We also offer massage therapy for those presenting proof of a negative COVID test taken 3 to 7 days prior to your massage. Accurate at-home COVID tests through Pixel by LabCorp turn around quickly (24-48 hr via FedEx). Check 'congregate setting' when you order your test.  

Our hours have changed to give us time to deep clean our spa and restaurant each morning. The spa will be open from 12pm- 8pm daily. izanami is open for patio dining and takeout from 5:00 pm-8:45 pm daily. 

All massage appointments and soaking areas are fully private

  • Each private bath has access to its own dedicated shower, toilet, vanity, and changing area. 
  • Massages will include time to shower and change in the massage room prior to the treatment. 
  • We regret that we cannot currently provide a communal bathing experience 

We ask that our guests wear face masks in public areas, walking on the grounds, during massage treatments, and when interacting with staff or other guests. Our staff will always wear masks to protect you. 

According to the CDC (scroll to 'Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds') “There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas,” the federal agency states, noting that “Proper operation and maintenance of these facilities should inactivate the virus in the water.” 

We have always taken heroic efforts to maintain our water. Click here for a description of what we do to assure absolutely clean and sanitary conditions. Under current conditions, we make additional effort to sanitize surfaces and high-touch areas in each tub area with hydrogen peroxide after each guest.

In addition to the emphasis we have always devoted to cleanliness, we now spend additional time sanitizing all public and private areas. 

  • Public areas are sanitized every two hours 
  • Hot tubs, massage rooms, and lodging rooms are fogged with hydrogen peroxide and sanitized after every use. 
  • We have structured ample decontamination time between guests in lodging, hot tub suites, and massage rooms 
  • Our prices reflect the extra time and labor for sanitation 
  • Pristine tub water is assured by a state of the art water system.  
  • We have set capacity limits throughout the resort to help our guests and staff maintain effective social distancing. 
  • Massage is presently limited to 25% of our capacity 

At izanami 

  • All dining is outdoors
  • All chairs are at least 6 feet distant from any other and we sanitize tables between each turn
  • Parties are limited to a maximum of 6 people
  • We also offer delicious takeout

It's not the same, but in many ways our new normal is better than the old normal:

  • Convenient parking is abundant 
  • Contactless check-in is available for lodging
  • With fewer guests, every visit to the spa is a concierge experience
  • Every hot tub environment has its own private changing area
  • izanami restaurant boasts two new outdoor patio areas with great views of the mountains.

We are grateful to the state of New Mexico and Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for providing clear and effective guidelines so that we can soak and spa safely. We appreciate the patience shown by our guests and our Waves family as we take extra effort to keep everyone safe. We look forward to seeing your masked faces and smiling eyes soon!