The Spa in the Covid era 

Ten Thousand Waves is committed to keeping everyone safe— guests and staff alike--by going beyond the latest guidelines given to us by our Governor and the CDC. Click here to view the most recent directive. 

We offer:

All soaking areas and massage rooms have access to fully private changing rooms

  • Each private bath has its own dedicated shower, toilet, vanity, and changing area. 
  • There are 8 beautiful private changing rooms with lockers for those receiving massage. 
  • We make additional effort to clean each tub area after each guest.
  • Pristine tub water is assured by a state of the art water system. According to the CDC (scroll to 'Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds') “There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas.” 

We have always emphasized the cleanliness of all public and private areas 

  • Public areas are disinfected regularly 
  • Hot tubs and massage rooms are cleaned after every use  
  • Lodging rooms are thoroughly cleaned between each stay    

Reduced Capacity

  • We have set capacity limits throughout the resort  
  • We require social distancing throughout the spa


  • We ask that unvaccinated individuals wear a facemask indoors and consider it a prudent thing to do, regardless of your vaccination status. 


  • All interior spaces are checked for adequate fresh air exchange by carbon dioxide monitoring 
  • Windows and doors are cracked open in the spa, massage rooms, and restaurant, even in cooler weather 
  • HVAC systems provide fresh air makeup
  • Vent fans in all bathrooms assure constant air exchange
  • Kitchen hoods at izanami create negative pressure in the entire restaurant, bringing in fresh air 
  • All tubs are open air

Air Filtration

  • MERV13 filters are used in all HVAC systems. MERV13 is the highest rating for normal forced air systems, filtering out 85% of all particles 1 micron in size and larger. COVID aerosols average 3 microns.
  • HEPA filters are in use in all massage rooms and in many of the smaller rooms of the spa. HEPA filters capture 99% of 1 micron aerosols.

Germicidal UltraViolet Light

  • There is upper air germicidal UV light in the spa lobby, the izanami dining rooms, and in many of the offices throughout the spa. This creates a 'killing zone' in the air of the top part of each room. COVID aerosols are destroyed in an average of 16 seconds when they enter this zone. 
    • we use 254 nanometer UVC, the most effective wavelength for killing pathogens
    • the UV is active 24/7 and can operate safely even while spaces are occupied
    • dosimeters to measure stray UV in the lower part of the room assure that there is no exposure to skin or eyes
  • In-duct germicidal UV is used in the HVAC systems at the restaurant

Staff COVID status 

95% of our staff are fully vaccinated. The few who are not are tested weekly with a PCR test.


  • All lodging, massage, hot tubs, and restaurant reservations are by appointment only; we cannot accommodate those without a reservation. 
  • Call 505-982-9304 for massage reservations.
  • Make hot tub suite reservations online
  • Make dining reservations online.
  • Make lodging reservations online.
  • All online reservations indicate real time availability and are updated instantly when something becomes available.


The CDC has determined that COVID is overwhelmingly transmitted by aerosols. We are one of the few public spaces that emphasizes the elimination of viral particles from the air. Please see above for how we use filtration, ventilation, and UV light to keep you safe.

It's not the same, but in many ways our new normal is better than the old normal:

  • Convenient parking is abundant 
  • With fewer guests, every visit to the spa is a tranquil and relaxing experience
  • Every hot tub environment has its own private changing area
  • There are multiple private gender-neutral changing rooms
  • We've tripled the number of private rest rooms with toilet facilities
  • Contactless check-in is available for lodging
  • Outdoor dining is vastly expanded
  • Online reservations are now available for lodging, hot tub suites, and dining