Women's Communal Bath

From spa opening until 8:15 p.m., Kojiro is available as a communal bath for women. It is clothing optional at all times. Reservations are not required.

If you are sensitive to nudity, we strongly suggest trying a private bath or the Grand Bath instead.


  • 12-foot by 7-oval bath (104-106 degrees F.)
  • Large wet/dry sauna (175-185 degrees F.)
  • Large sun deck
  • Cold shower
  • Tile cold plunge (50 degrees F.)


Spa opening until 8:15 p.m. everyday except Tuesday (spa opening 'til closing--see hours for schedule)


$24.30 per person/unlimited time

Related Info

'I was really delighted by the women's baths! What a wonderful experience to be able to relax in a beautiful and safe environment with other women. If I lived in Santa Fe, I would be a regular at the Baths. What also made my experience great was that the prices at this spa are so reasonable.'