To prevent the transmission of pathogens, we have always paid special attention to the cleanliness of our water and surfaces. Since the pandemic we now also emphasize indoor air quality.

Some common diseases like COVID and seasonal flu are overwhelmingly transmitted by aerosols. We take measures to reduce airborn pathogens, including HEPA filtration in every massage room, ventilation throughout the property, and UV light. Please click here to see how we keep you safe.

Due to changes made since 2020, a visit to Ten Thousand Waves is safer than ever:

  • With fewer guests, every visit to the spa is a tranquil and relaxing experience
  • We monitor the air in every building to ensure adequate fresh air intake
  • Every hot tub environment has its own private changing area
  • There are multiple private gender-neutral changing rooms
  • We've vastly expanded the number of bathrooms with toilet facilities
  • We've expanded our outdoor dining