The changing face of COVID

We at Ten Thousand Waves no longer see broad vaccine and mask requirements for our guests to be an effective way to control COVID. It’s now incumbent on each of us to decide how to behave based on individual risk tolerance. Therefore, we have relaxed our vaccination and masking requirements for the new normal.

Earlier in the pandemic, there was a big difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated as to how likely each group was to become infected and spread the disease. That gap has decreased substantially. Nearly all the unvaccinated have now gained some immunity from contracting COVID at least once, and we know that the vaccinated can still become infected.

It’s also been shown that broad mask mandates do not work well over long periods of time across large swaths of the population. With mandates, most people wear ineffective masks ineffectively. A targeted approach has been shown to be more effective—those who choose to wear masks tend to both wear a high-quality mask and wear it correctly.

We have now removed vaccination and mask requirements for guests and staff, but you will see some folks on both sides of the counter wearing them. Therapists will always wear a mask in the treatment room, if requested.

COVID will be around for a long time in both acute and chronic form. To improve public health for this and future airborne pathogens, facilities that accommodate the public will need to focus on ventilation. Ten Thousand Waves has taken a big step to this end and remains one of the safest public venues due to our emphasis on HEPA filtration and good ventilation

Staff and guests may still choose to wear masks for additional protection. We hope you feel that the measures we take to keep you safe are appropriate and sustainable.