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Spa Treatments

Herbal Wrap
Detoxifying and relaxing.

Salt Glow
A revitalizing skin treatment for the whole body.

Yasuragi Head & Neck Treatment
Head, neck, and shoulder massage with a hot oil treatment for the hair.

Nose to Toes
A sensory treat for the whole body, with an extended Yasuragi and special attention to the feet.

Spa Treatments

We don't overwhelm you with treatments more suited to the dinner table, or those crafted by marketing geniuses on the 32nd floor. The few treatments offered at Ten Thousand Waves have been carefully selected because they are effective. Our therapists do only a few treatments--and do them very well.

Each spa treatment compliments the baths, massage, other spa treatments, or skin care. By combining treatments, you'll find that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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' While all of the front desk staff are always friendly and courteous, two of your staff are exceptionally helpful and pleasant: Kaz and BuddhaBob. I always feel especially well taken care of when they are there, and appreciate so much their eagerness to go the extra distance to be of service and to make my time there enjoyable. ren´┐Że rabache '

'We both received the "natural" treatment--three hours of pure heaven! We thought it was the best part of our trip. '