Hot tubs and massage prepare the body for change and provide deep relaxation before and after your journey.


Delicious, healthy, locally-sourced meals and snacks are provided throughout your stay.


For millennia, humans have used psychedelic compounds as catalysts for healing and growth, and contemporary neuroscience is now exalting their benefits. Set and setting refers to the psychological and environmental elements that shape one’s response to psychedelic medicines.


A ketamine treatment in a medical office typically lasts 1-2 hours, after which the patient heads back to daily life. The Ten Thousand Waves Transformation model, however, offers an immersive experience designed around the optimal set and setting for inspiring positive change.

With time in nature, guided preparation and reflection, nourishing gourmet meals, and the healing power of hot water and massage therapy, the Transformation environment offers the ideal conditions for real, lasting change. 

Preparation: To begin your registration process, our Transformation staff prepares you thoroughly with a virtual Orientation Call to explain the process, answer your questions, and tailor your retreat. You’ll also meet virtually with our staff medical provider for a comprehensive medical intake session. 

Diagnosis: Your own physician or therapist can work with you to determine if Transformation is right for you.

Tour Guide: Throughout the retreat, you will receive highly-attuned, personalized guidance and support. As a companion on the journey, your Tour Guide will meet you upon arrival for a one-hour preparation session in which they will clarify your itinerary, answer questions, and lead you in a process of illuminating your intentions. On journey day, your Tour Guide sits with you for the duration, and helps you emerge in a supported way. Your Tour Guide meets you the day after the journey for a one-hour integration session, followed by a 30-minute follow-up session one week later. All of our Tour Guides are trained in a holistic model of ketamine-assisted care.

Multiple Sessions: Unlike a ketamine clinic, we don’t require a commitment to multiple sessions. We believe that everyone is different, and that the Transformation model can provide powerful, lasting effects with one treatment. However, you may extend your visit to include more than one ketamine journey.


Houses of the Moon is located in a 90-year-old adobe reconfigured in the tradition of a Japanese ryokan. Your room is nestled into the juniper and piñon forest, just steps from the spa and restaurant. You won’t need to worry about driving or being driven home after your journey!