transformation in the time of COVID 

More than 98% of Ten Thousand Waves staff are fully vaccinated; the rest are tested for COVID weekly. We require that you be fully vaccinated and boosted to participate in Transformation. You must have had your final shot no fewer than 14 days prior to the date of your journey. Please see the requirements for proof of vaccination.

We ask that our guests wear face masks in public areas, and when walking on the grounds. Our staff will always wear masks to protect you.


Ten Thousand Waves Transformation is unlike any other treatment we offer. Here's how to get started.

step 1: orientation video call 

Once you complete your registration, you will be prompted to schedule an Orientation Call, the first step in booking your Transformation retreat. During this call you will learn specifics about the program and ask questions to determine if you want to proceed with your application. The cost of the orientation call is $75 + tax, charged at the time of your scheduled call.

  • If you proceed with Transformation, the fee will be deducted from the cost of your retreat.
  • If you miss your orientation call, cancel, or change your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled call, or decide not to proceed with Transformation after your call, you will be charged in full. 

step 2: virtual medical screening  

With your safety and wellbeing as our priority, you will complete a psychological and medical intake form, and meet with one of our medical providers via Telehealth. You will be asked to provide a medical history, discuss pre-existing conditions and current and past treatments, and share a list of prescription medications and supplements you are taking. The cost of the Virtual Medical Screening is $200 + tax and is non-refundable.

step 3: diagnosis from your medical provider

Ketamine has shown promise in the treatment of common health concerns, including anxiety, depression, addictive behavior, PTSD and chronic pain. Following best practices in medicine, before you participate in our Transformation retreat, we require that you provide a relevant diagnosis from an independent health care provider – your own primary care physician, therapist, or other licensed health practitioner.

Alternatively, we can refer you to a provider in Santa Fe. If you’d like a referral, let us know. This evaluation may be covered by your health insurance.

step 4: getting ready for Transformation  

See Additional Research for books, podcasts, articles and videos to help you prepare for your Transformation.

In addition:  

  • To increase the power of the experience, we recommend limiting other mind-altering substances (alcohol, THC, etc.) three days prior to, and during the retreat.
  • Cultivating your intentions is key. Prior to your arrival, you’ll receive prompts to help you begin to clarify your intentions.
  • Bringing pets or children is not recommended.
  • Wifi is available in your room; however, you may find that planning in advance to “unplug” from your normal digital connectivity will improve your experience.