why "transformation"?

When we enter the world, our body/mind is in many ways a blank canvas, with a natural capacity for joy, creativity and presence. Starting from when we are very young and continuing through life, we tend to accumulate experiences that degrade these capacities as the brain rewires itself to accommodate survival.

We often respond to challenging experiences with primitive strategies based in fear. Over time we become unconsciously habituated to a more reactive and constrained way of being. These patterns are rooted in stress and commonly cause physical and psychological pain and tension.

why ketamine?

Ketamine tones the activity in the brain’s limbic system (the portion of our nervous system related to fear) and increases the potential for neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to change and create new connections. Preclinical studies suggest that molecular changes induced by ketamine bring forward large-scale network reconfigurations that might relate to ketamine's antidepressant properties. Engaging with the medicine can offer a brief opportunity to experience ourselves free from long-standing limiting patterns, and we are able to temporarily shift the pain of rigid thinking that inhibits a truly connected, easeful, and liberated life.

Ketamine therapy in a supportive environment offers an opportunity to harvest new insights, expand consciousness, and restore a sense of self. The brain and nervous system change faster with positive inputs, new experiences, and time in nature. 

why ten thousand waves?

We support ketamine-assisted therapy by combining the medicine journey with a beautiful natural environment, nourishing gourmet meals, and sensory integration through bathing and massage therapy. Our hope is to empower our guests to discover more about themselves and to find ways to integrate into a new world full of possibilities.

Our specialized team can help you understand how your experience here might best serve you in the future. We can recommend ongoing therapy and support.