Our Transformation retreat is an immersive and experiential offering designed to be an adjunct to your ongoing wellness regimens, therapy, and health care. Ten Thousand Waves is not a medical practice or medical facility. We partner with Jinsei LLC – the therapeutic arm of our resort – for the ketamine-assisted therapy, medical, and other services of our Transformation retreat. Jinsei contracts with the individual providers of these services.

Ketamine has shown to be beneficial in alleviating symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, addictive behavior, PTSD, and chronic pain. If your conditions are of a very serious nature, you may require additional support. If you feel you need more than what is included in our Transformation program, we can help you determine what kind of support and suggest options for you.

how does ketamine work?

Ketamine was FDA approved in 1970 and is considered an essential medicine by the World Health Organization. The safety profile is such that it is commonly used as an anesthetic for children. Reports suggest that ketamine can help ease anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and other conditions. Currently, ketamine is one of the only legal psychedelic medicines available to mental health providers for the treatment of emotional suffering

When our brains are healthy and functioning properly, excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters are generally able to keep the body and nervous system balanced. However, when neurons remain in an excited state for too long – from stress, anxiety, PTSD, etc. – they can become overstimulated and start to function poorly. 

Ketamine works partly by decreasing activity through the limbic system in the brain, the location that processes fear and pain, so we can experience certain thoughts and emotions without stress or anxiety. It also stimulates the natural process of brain plasticity, with growth of new branches and connections between brain cells. This facilitates decreased cognitive rigidity and increased flexibility in thoughts, feeling, and behavior. With the correct mindset, setting and intention, ketamine therapy has the potential to offer profound insight and change.

what is the experience?

Ketamine can induce a trance-like state that results in an often profound psychedelic, consciousness-expanding experience. Many feel a new experience of self with less of the restrictive conditioning of the past, accompanied by the feeling of unity with something larger. Some of the effects of ketamine can include a sense of awe, positive mood, altered perception and cognition, alteration of space and time, and paradoxically being aware of everything that exists – and nothing. 

For our signature retreat, we support the ketamine experience with guided sessions based on positive psychology, bodywork, bathing and healthy gourmet meals. You will be prepared for your journey with the assistance of a dedicated Transformation tour guide, who can answer your questions and help you set intentions. Together, you will explore how ketamine can help you shift distressing patterns and achieve a reduction in anxiety and depression, an expanded state of consciousness, the ability to be more present with the self, life and relationships, full or partial alleviation of chronic pain, meaningful awareness of old thought and behavior patterns that don’t serve a thriving life, as well as increased ease in altering these patterns.

Our transformation retreat is designed to open doors to the possibility of living life in a different way. Major transformation generally requires ongoing work, often with a trained professional. After your journey, you may wish to meet with a therapist or counselor to integrate what you have discovered into your daily life. We can recommend resources specializing in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy who can help process what you’ve discovered and help you apply those insights.