What results can I expect from the ketamine journey?

Your experience will be unique to you. All such journeys are adventures that cannot be programmed. The ketamine experience itself is designed to enable you to access your own healing wisdom. You may experience important changes in personality, mood and cognition during your session, in the aftermath, and in the days and weeks that follow. Some experiences may be temporarily challenging for you, but may prove to be the most valuable.


How will I be monitored throughout the journey?

Your dedicated Transformation tour guide will assist you in processing the experience before, during, and after the ketamine session. We monitor you during and after your treatment, taking blood pressure and pulse, as well as some psychological measurements.


I’ve had a bad experience with other psychedelics. Is ketamine similar to LSD, mescaline, MDMA, DMT, etc.?

Although ketamine can be considered "psychedelic," it works in a completely different way. It is one of the safest psychoactive substances and although it can be very intense, it offers a briefer, more controlled experience than many other psychedelics.

Set and setting are extremely important in a psychedelic experience – and unless you're thoroughly prepared, any psychedelic can be disorienting, overly intense, or last too long.

Set: As a two-day experience, our retreat includes time with your dedicated journey specialist who will help you prepare for and process your transformation. We make sure that you know what to expect.

Setting: Your journey location is also important. The serenity and calm of Ten Thousand Waves assures that your experience will be untroubled by negative input.


Is there any discomfort associated with a ketamine treatment?

As with any psychological therapy, ketamine can be challenging because it triggers deep introspection into one’s life experiences, which can lead to questions about existing thought patterns, habits, and perceived limitations.

Your dedicated Transformation tour guide is available to you throughout the course of the retreat and will help you prepare for the experience by discussing your intentions, answering questions and exploring how ketamine can help you shift distressing patterns and achieve the life experience you desire. After your journey, your tour guide will help you process what you’ve discovered and learn to apply those insights into your daily life.





What sets Ten Thousand Waves Transformation apart from ketamine clinics?

There is a big difference between a session lasting several hours and an experience over the course of several days. A clinic can certainly deliver the medicine and may provide varying degrees of support. Our fully immersive experience, however, is designed to make the medicine more effective through Set, Setting, and Psychology.

Set: your frame of mind going into the journey determines the experience you will have.

Preparation: Before you even arrive we prepare you thoroughly with virtual sessions to explain the process, answer your questions, and tailor your experience. We also do a virtual medical intake.

Tour Guide: Your personal tour guide will meet you on the day of arrival, be present during and after the journey, and help you integrate the experience.  The same person will familiarize you with the property, go over your schedule, answer remaining questions, give you materials to enhance your experience, shepherd you through journey day, meet you the next day for integration, and check in with you after you’ve left.

Setting: beautiful and relaxing physical surroundings have been shown to increase the benefits of ketamine.

Setting: Real, lasting change is encouraged when a psychedelic encounter is combined with time in nature, a supportive environment, guided preparation and reflection, nourishing gourmet meals, and the powerful healing of hot water and massage therapy.

Spa Services: Hot tubs and massage make it possible to be in a great physical and mental state before and after your journey.

Meals: Delicious, healthy, locally-sourced meals and snacks are provided

Lodging: You stay in our beautiful Houses of the Moon, just steps from everything else. You don’t need to worry about driving or being driven home after your journey.

Psychology: intention, focus, and follow-through allow you to have a greater opportunity for lasting change.

Diagnosis: You talk to your medical provider about the psychology and whether Transformation is right for you.

Support: You are supported in your intentions, your journey, and your integration before, during, and after your Transformation experience. Your journey is shepherded by our tour guides—trained in ketamine-assisted therapy--and our medical professionals. You have the opportunity for meetings and follow-up care from psychologists trained in psychedelic therapy.

Multiple Sessions Not Required: We believe that everyone is different. we don’t require a commitment to multiple sessions. Additional journeys are available: repeat visits are discounted and/or you can experience multiple journeys by extending your visit.


Is Ten Thousand Waves becoming a medical facility?

Our Transformation retreat is an immersive and experiential offering designed to be an adjunct to your ongoing wellness regimens, therapy, and health care. Ten Thousand Waves is not a medical practice or medical facility. We partner with Jinsei LLC – the therapeutic arm of our resort – for the ketamine-assisted therapy, medical, and other services of our Transformation retreat. Jinsei contracts with the individual providers of these services.


How do I qualify for Transformation?

Ketamine has shown to be beneficial in alleviating symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, addictive behavior, PTSD, chronic pain and more. If you have seen a medical provider for any of these conditions, we ask for a diagnosis or referral, which can come from your own primary care physician, counselor, or another licensed professional.


What’s included in the cost?

Ten Thousand Waves Transformation in an all-inclusive retreat. One price covers lodging in Houses of the Moon, gourmet meals, bodywork and bathing, as well as preparation sessions with Jinsei medical staff and the medicine journey itself. See pricing details here.


What is the ketamine experience?

Ketamine has been labelled a dissociative anesthetic, meaning that it can elicit a sense of disconnection from one’s ordinary reality and usual sense of self. At the dosage level administered in the Transformation retreat, you will most likely experience mild anesthetic, anxiolytic (anxiety reducing), antidepressant and, potentially, psychedelic effects. You will likely feel a sense of awe, positive mood, altered perception and cognition, alteration of space and time, and paradoxically being aware of everything that exists – and nothing.

Relaxation from ordinary concerns and usual mind, while maintaining conscious awareness of the flow of mind, is a typical experience while under the influence of ketamine. This tends to lead to a disruption of negative feelings and obsessional preoccupations, allowing one to open up to other possible states of consciousness.


How long does the ketamine journey take?

Your ketamine journey takes approximately two hours. The journey begins with a physical assessment from your ketamine medical provider, who will confirm your health status and answer any technical questions you might have. After your medicine journey, you will have the opportunity for a leisurely discussion of your immediate impressions. 


Where does the journey take place?

The medicine journey takes place in a therapy room at Ten Thousand Waves. Your medical provider and Transformation tour guide remain with you, so when you emerge from the deepest part of the experience, you will be eased back to your new reality.