I’ve heard of ketamine being used as a party drug

Ketamine is sometimes used recreationally outside of medical treatment. Without knowledgable supervision and emphasis on set and setting, this can have problematic results. The medicine journey of our Transformation retreat is conducted under the supervision of medical professionals who have decades of experience administering ketamine in mental health and emergency room settings. They are fully licensed and insured. 


Isn’t ketamine a horse tranquilizer?

Because of its efficacy and safety, ketamine is used in veterinary practices as an anesthetic, the same way it is used on people. The dosage used on large animals greatly surpasses that used on humans for transformation. 


Is ketamine used in police custody cases?

There are rare instances of questionable use of ketamine by emergency medical practioners in aggressive police restraint encounters that resulted in patient harm and death. This is more a reflection of excessive physical restraint than any issues with ketamine, which has been used safely for decades even in unstable and very young patients.