Why has Ten Thousand Waves developed Transformation?

For four decades, we have worked to create a unique environment for guests to relax and recharge. Given the state of the world, we wanted to expand on our offerings with a new vehicle for addressing anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and substance abuse.


How do I get a referral for a diagnosis?

Ketamine has shown promise in the treatment of common health concerns, including anxiety, depression, addictive behavior, PTSD and chronic pain. Following best practices in medicine, before you participate in our Transformation retreat, we require that you provide a relevant diagnosis from an independent health care provider – your own primary care physician, therapist, or other licensed health practitioner.

Alternatively, we can refer you to a provider in Santa Fe. If you’d like a referral, let us know. This evaluation may be covered by your health insurance.

How do I prepare for Transformation?

See Additional Research for books, podcasts, articles and videos to help you prepare for your Transformation. In addition:  

  • To increase the power of the experience, we recommend limiting other mind-altering substances (alcohol, THC, etc.) three days prior to, and during the retreat.
  • Cultivating your intentions is key. Prior to your arrival, you’ll receive prompts to help you begin to clarify your intentions.
  • Bringing pets or children is not recommended.
  • Wifi is available in your room; however, you may find that planning in advance to “unplug” from your normal digital connectivity will improve your experience.

I have special dietary needs (gluten intolerant, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, etc.). Can you accommodate me at your restaurant?

Many items on the izanami menu are gluten free – including all our fried food. There are generally up to twenty vegetarian and vegan items at dinner. We can accommodate most dietary requests. Please inform our staff of any restrictions.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please see our Pricing, Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy for details. We require travel insurance to cover unforeseen costs in these uncertain times. Click here for recommendations.