MEDICINE JOURNEY  Ketamine is administered by a licensed medical provider via intravenous infusion (IV) or intramuscular injection (IM). Your Tour Guide remains with you throughout your journey, so when you emerge from the deepest part of the experience, you will be gently eased back to your new reality. You will have space to reflect, and to share your impressions to set the stage for bringing these new insights forward into your life.

EXTRAS  All services listed in the sample itinerary are included in the price of the retreat. You may elect to reserve other spa services or more lodging nights at an additional charge before returning home. This must be arranged prior to arrival.

INTEGRATION The days, weeks, and months following your journey present a unique opportunity to leverage your insights and create lasting change in your life. Neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to change and create new connections – peaks at 24-48 hours post-journey, and continues for up to two weeks. You may wish to make a plan for ongoing integration, and we can help. We can refer you to a ketamine-assisted psychotherapist or ketamine-trained integration coach in our local area. These professionals can help you return to and make sense of the images and themes that arose during your medicine journey, and process changes in feelings, reactions to stimuli, and general attitude toward life.

Working with a therapist or coach can help you identify patterns in thought and behavior, view and respond to challenging situations with more clarity, and help you to expand your sense of what’s possible for your life as you step into these new realities.



day 1: arrival 
  • welcome: meet with your Transformation Tour Guide for tea to review your retreat itinerary, illuminate your intentions, and prepare for your journey
  • check in: settle into your lodgings at Houses of the Moon
  • bathing: relax in a 90-minute private bathing suite, complete with hot tub, sauna, private changing room, and shower
  • dinner: enjoy a gourmet meal at izanami, our Japan-inspired izakaya restaurant, or delivered to your room
day 2: the journey  
  • breakfast: awaken to a light breakfast of house-made granola, yogurt, and tea available in your room
  • bodywork: prepare your body with an 80-minute massage by a member of the world-renowned Ten Thousand Waves massage therapy staff
  • health assessment: meet with our ketamine medical provider, who will confirm your health status and answer any questions you might have
  • guided preparation: enter the journey space in gentle guided meditation with your Tour Guide
  • medicine journey: go deep and explore the mind's possibilities through ketamine infusion (IV) or injection (IM)
  • post-journey impressions: emerge into a quiet space where you can share your initial impressions and insights with your Tour Guide. A nourishing snack will be provided
  • free time for relaxation and reflection 
  • dinner: enjoy a nourishing meal at izanami or delivered to your room
day 3: reemergence
  • breakfast: awaken to a light breakfast of house-made granola, yogurt, coffee and tea available in your room
  • bathing: relax in our Grand Bath, a giant bathing suite complete with hot tub, sauna, and cold plunge
  • integration: begin the process of integrating the insights and new possibilities gleaned in your journey in a closing session with your Transformation Tour Guide
  • reemergence: explore the beautiful mountain environment of the Sangre de Christos, or simply relax on the grounds of Ten Thousand Waves