Yasuragi Head & Neck Treatment

Yasuragi means 'comfort'. This amazing treatment is designed to deliver a deep state of relaxation, beginning with the neck, moving to the scalp, and finishing with hypnotic point work on the face. Optional is a blend of warm oil containing camellia to nourish and add luster to the hair.


  • Available in private or double room
  • Based on Japanese Anma massage
  • This area is where most people hold their tension


Yasuragi Head & Neck Treatment $65 (25-minutes)

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'To pick just one bath, treatment and lodging experience would limit my feedback. Kudos on the yasuragi and nose to toes, what a fabulous combination of treatments! I absolutely love your establishment and find it such a treat to come once a year.'

'The Yasuragi was AMAZING. I can still feel the hot oil pouring on my hair..relaxing my whole body. It was fantastic! It seemed a lot longer than it was and it was worth every penny! My hair felt so soft and all the muscles in my head and neck were so relaxed! PERFECT!'