Deluxe Herbal Wrap

While cocooned in hot, herb-soaked linens and wrapped in a blanket, the therapist massages your head & neck or your feet. As relaxing music plays, your whole being breathes a sigh of relief. It's a very detoxifying treatment--especially great if you're changing some bad habits. Our herbal infusions are customized seasonally.


  • Available in private or double room
  • Includes a 15-minute sauna
  • Very detoxifying and relaxing
  • Not the best treatment for the claustrophobic
  • Massage on head or feet included


Deluxe Herbal Wrap $80 (hands-on 25-minutes sauna 15-minutes)

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'My boyfriend and I received an herbal wrap treatment, a theraputic massage, and a private bath. We had such a wonderful experience that we plan to make a visit every year! Thank you so much for all your friendly staff, and the serene surroundings at Ten Thousand Waves.'

'This treat was given to me as a gift by my goddaughter, and it was amazing!!! i will forever thank her. plus this will just be one more reason to keep coming back!!! very satisfied with everyone @ ten thousand waves, sandra from L.A.'