Metamorphosilk Facial Rejuvenation FAQs

Why Metamorphosilk?

Previously, stem cells were the most powerful agent to heal damaged tissue and create new cells for skin regeneration. Now, DNA Skin Institute has developed a new serum--Signal Pro--the next evolution of stem cell  technology. The new serum has been specifically sequenced to stimulate the growth of human dermal fibroblasts, which form new skin cells. The more fibroblasts that are available, the stronger and younger the skin looks and feels. Signal Pro replaces the previously-used bovine stem cells with a silkworm-derived protein (Amino Acid Signaling Complex) that is more dynamic than the bovine extractions, which means that there is a greater capacity for rejuvenation and repair within the skin itself.

How does the serum work?

Freshly harvested silkworm protein and organic dermal fibroblast materials are combined in a cultured medium. As they interact, the cells secrete signaling factors--enzymes, mono and polysaccharides, proteins, and amino acids--which stimulate the growth of human dermal fibroblasts. These signaling factors will only affect the growth of your own skin cells. They cannot trigger the growth of any other type of cell. These compounds go into the extracellular matrix, the connective tissue that feeds skin cells.

The serum also contains vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, low- and high-molecular weight essential fats, enzymes, and natural antioxidants. The combination of nutrients with the signaling factors have achieved a 71% growth of new skin fibroblasts in scientific experiments. Fibroblast growth occurs over a period of 144 hours after the application of the serum.

What is the process of skin regeneration?

As we age, normal cycles of tissue regeneration become compromised. Most experts and researchers posit that this is an effect of free radical damage. Oxidative stress damages the protein constituents that make up the genetic material in your body, making the DNA less efficient and less able to duplicate itself. Since the same resources are utilized to regenerate heart, liver, and brain tissue, skin replication is not the body’s highest priority.

The Signal Pro serum enters the skin through trans-dermal absorption, mostly through hair follicle and sebaceous glands. It ensures a concentrated and specific bank of resources which encourages and supports the replication of your own skin cells.

Is this a safe treatment?

Yes. There are no side effects or risks with this treatment. The silk protein is sequenced specifically to human dermal fibroblasts and does not have any outside growth factors; the skin absorbs only the signaling factors and the vital nutrients and minerals. The serum is very specific and cannot cause harm or stimulate growth of any other type of cell. Foreign DNA does not enter the skin, and no genetic alteration or mutation occurs. The technology and system of delivery of the DNA Skin Institute products have been evaluated by the US FDA and have been deemed safe and compliant for consumer sale and distribution.

What is the origin of the silk protein?

The silkworms thrive on a very relaxed and stable environment of all-organic compost and minerals at the University of Dublin in Ireland. The protein is obtained during a natural part of the silkworms’ life cycle--once every thirty days, the silkworms begin to shed their skin and secrete a silk protein, which is then collected without injury to the silkworms. New silkworms are introduced every 90 days from the Irish countryside.

Are the silkworms harmed during the process?

No. This process does not harm the silkworms. The extracted protein is a natural secretion and is replenished by the silkworm every 30 days. Dr. Noel Aguilar at the DNA Skin Institute has always been at the forefront of animal and human rights.

How many treatments do I need to see results?

The results are virtually immediate. There will be a change in the skin after the first session, especially within the first 24-48 hours. The benefits from each treatment will progressively increase over a period of 144 hours (6 days) after each application. We recommend six treatments over a 70-90 day period. The number of treatments and time period may vary based on a person’s skin and health conditions. For optimal results Signal Plus ™ is also recommended for home use.

How often do I repeat the Metamorphosilk treatment?

It depends on your specific skin care needs. Usually a six-session treatment series will enable you to experience incredible results. After the series, you may choose to schedule booster treatments occasionally. Some individuals may want to repeat the full series as part of a preventative program. Results from the program will vary based on lifestyle choices. Diet, nutritional supplementation (including antioxidants), hydration, exercise, stress management, adequate rest, safe sun exposure, and protection from other environmental factors all contribute to the health and appearance of the skin. We recommend consulting one of our aestheticians to determine most effective  strategy based on your skin. 


  • Silk protein is derived from Irish silkworms and no harm comes to the silkworms during the extraction process.
  • There is no genetic alteration in this process; no foreign DNA is introduced to your skin.‚Äč
  • The process provides deep, trans-dermal nourishment and results that are completely safe.
  • The serum stays active and continues to work for 144 hours after application.
  • All estheticians are licensed and trained by DNA Skin Institute
  • Beneficial for all skin types and conditions and customized to your needs.
  • Can be combined with any Japanese Facial and included in the 40 minute Metamorphosilk Facial Rejuvenation Massage


Metamorphosilk Supplement $79  (15-minute add-on to Japanese Organic Massage Facial)

Metamorphosilk Facial Massage $129 (40-minutes)