We believe that the COVID vaccine is necessary for the well-being of our staff, our guests, and society in general. We are therefore requiring full vaccination plus a booster for guests and staff starting January 15, 2022. Please click here to understand why we made this decision.

Massage, Facials, and Spa Treatments  These services are only available to those fully vaccinated with a booster against COVID

Hot Tub Suites and Lodging,  All members of your party are required to be fully vaccinated with a booster.

izanami Restaurant  All members of a party dining indoors ('standard seating' on OpenTable) must show proof that they are fully vaccinated with a booster. Non-vaccinated individuals may dine in the cozy outdoor pavilion.   

Children under 5 years old  Children under 5 are exempt from the vaccination requirement, but those 3-5 years old must provide proof of a negative COVID test. The test must be done in a clinic. Home test kit results are not accepted.  

98% of our staff is fully vaccinated with a booster. The few who cannot be vaccinated are tested twice weekly.


  • guests dining outside do not require proof of vaccination
  • children under 5 years old as indicated above
  • if it has been less than 5 months from your second Moderna or Pfizer shot, booster is not required
  • if it has been less than 2 months from your initial J & J shot, booster is not required
  • there are no medical or religious exceptions

Cancellation fees apply if you forget your vaccination card. To avoid this disappointment, you might want to try Folio, an app that stores all your I.D. cards on your phone. Also, if you have an iPhone, you can upload your vax card to Notes. Do it now while you're thinking about it!

For admission to all facilities and indoor dining, you must have received either: 

  • two doses of Moderna plus a booster of Moderna, Pfizer, J & J, or AstraZeneca
  • two doses of Pfizer, plus a booster of Moderna, Pfizer, J & J, or AstraZeneca
  • two doses of AstraZeneca, plus a booster of Moderna, Pfizer, J & J, or AstraZeneca
  • one dose of Johnson & Johnson, plus a booster of Moderna, Pfizer, J & J, or AstraZeneca

No other vaccine is accepted at this time. We require a booster shot in addition to your initial vaccination series. You must have received a booster at least 14 days prior to the service at Ten Thousand Waves.

Proof of Vaccination  On day of your reservation you must bring with you:

proof of vaccination indicating:

  • your full name
  • the date(s) of your vaccination and booster shots
  • the type of vaccine and booster you received
  • the name of the government entity or healthcare facility that provided your vaccine
  • a driver's license or government ID corresponding to the name on your vaccine documentation.

We only accept the above proof. We do not accept: PCR or antibody tests, pictures of serum bottles, selfies of you receiving the vaccine, or texts/emails confirming appointment times.